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Amenity Package - (Eco Sciences)
Amenity Package - (Eco Sciences)

Amenity Package - (Eco Sciences)

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A Perfect Amenity Starter Pack for your Rental

By Eco Sciences

Take your pick of the amenity starter package that is right for your rental. Basic includes the necessities for starting out. Standard provides a richer experience for your guests. Premium will make your guests feel that you really thought of everything.

The Eco collection of individual size products offers eco-friendly and minimalist packaging wherever possible. Simple and elegant bottle designs provide a feel of quality and comfort for your guests.

Basic Starter - Includes:

  • 10 x Shampoo 30ml
  • 10 x Conditioner 30ml
  • 10 x Facial Bars 20g
  • 10 x Makeup Remover Wipes

    Standard Starter - Includes: All of the above Plus...

    • 10 x Body Wash 30ml
    • 10 x Body Cream 30ml

    Premium Starter - Includes: All of the above Plus...

    • 10 x Vanity Kit
    • 10 x Mending Kit
    • 10 x Toothbrush Kit




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